A bottle that grows on you

Water makes your skin glow, but water makes this bottle grow! The insanely convenient Que bottle is handy and fits right in your bag or backpack when you need it to be portable. However, a single pull turns it from a 8oz (250ml) bottle to a 20oz (600ml) bottle, allowing it to hold more than double its previous volume. The helix design of the bottle (along with a wonderfully vibrant silicone construction) allows the Que to spring from a tiny, incredibly handy bottle, to a large, more accommodating vessel.

Made out of BPA Free Silicone, the Que bottle isn’t just a shape-shifting delight, it’s also healthier for you as well as the environment. The Silicone is reusable and can hold hot as well as cold liquids (Plastics tend to give off toxins) safely. It also is rather durable, unlike metal bottles that dent and scratch. Armed with a stainless-steel cap that provides an air-tight seal, preventing spillages… the Que bottle comes with a wide neck, allowing you to store pretty much anything in it. The Que is also dishwasher safe, effectively becoming the most ideal bottle you’ll ever own (and proudly/conveniently carry with you). That’s the long and short of it!

Designer: Que