A leather robe for the iPhone X


The problem with leather initially was that it was a 2 dimensional fabric. You couldn’t really wrap leather around curves without causing it to kink or fold, which meant leather cases for phones usually had just a flat piece of leather on a wooden or plastic framework. Mujjo’s proprietary technology allows for actual leather molding, making it take pretty much any shape you desire. The iPhone X cases by Mujjo are made entirely of the finest vegetable tanned leather from top to bottom, including the buttons.

Aside from being able to ensconce your phone in premium leather, Mujjo’s cases come with a slot that let you stash your cards in it, making the priceless iPhone a little bit more priceless, that’s if priceless-ness is quantifiable! The cases come with a Japanese microfiber inner lining that make sure the glass back of the iPhone doesn’t gather scratches, while the leather case forms a healthy 1mm lip around the phone, protecting the screen from making contact with any surface in case it accidentally falls from your hands. The case holds up to two cards and if you’re the kind who wants to separate phone from wallet, Mujjo even makes full leather regular cases that will rival Apple’s own cases. My heart’s set on the olive one!

Designer: Remy Nagelmaeker of Mujjo