Ping-pong, all day long!

We’re a weirdly adorable generation. We eat on the sofa (while watching TV), and we play ping pong on our dinner tables! Pongo may just be the most bachelor-lifestyle-driven innovation ever. An entire ping-pong set that fits into a drawstring bag that you can literally carry in your hand, the Pongo uses any table you may have, be it at the office or at home or even somewhere on holiday, to give you an adrenaline charged game to play with your flatmates, coworkers, or even family!

The Pongo comes with a net that stretches to almost 5 and a half feet in width, allowing you to set your ping-pong game up on tables of varying widths. The posts of the net come with non-slip bases that allow them to be merely placed on tables, rather than having to clip them to the sides. Pongo also comes with nifty paddles that feature collapsible handles that allow the Pongo to occupy a pretty small footprint. Designed to be an all-in-one solution, the Pongo even has a small slot for storing a ping-pong ball, so literally all you need is a table and an opponent… but we’re sure you can find those anywhere!

Designer: Umbra