Opel Experimental Vehicle

This futuristic EV is Opel’s premier aim at delivering electric mobility that’s affordable for everyone. The Rak e (pronounced rack-ee) is made entirely of recyclable, synthetic material and weighs only a third the weight of a modern car. The Rak E offers zero-emission driving and can travel 61 miles on a single 3 hour charge. The “inside-out” design approach dictated the unique form which features exposed rear wheels and a fighter plane-like cockpit fit with information displays and infotainment.

Designer: KISKA in cooperation with Opel


  • Icewaved says:

    This is the kind of design I want to go to school to become a part of! The only problem I have with the design is that the rear doesn’t slope back downwards; it’s pointless to have it at such a sharp angle, when bringing it gradually back down would give you room for storage, or create a larger rear seat. I just don’t understand the logic behind it, especially if they are ‘designing from the inside out,’I would assume that they would look for more efficient use of space within the footprint of the vehicle.

  • MARIO C says:

    I think they tried to bridge the gap between a city car and a motorcycle, lets remember that Kiska is well known for designing most KTM motorcycles.
    To me this project seems to be looking to address the disadvantages of a car and a maxiscooter.
    Maxiscooters carry 2 people in tandem position, they are narrow so they fit thru traffic, and have tons of plastics to hide as many mechanical components as possible and make them look more “automobile” but the obvious disadvantages are still there such exposure to the weather elements, safety and limited cargo space compared to a city car.
    City cars may solve some of the above issues but the footprint becomes larger and boxy.
    Not really sure if this EV succeeds to be the missing links but i think it definitely brakes the mould of traditional layout city cars.

  • Hunter says:

    Great! You’ve redesigned the Moonbuggy!
    Now take me to the Moon.

  • Floyd Pringle says:

    Would like more information and prices

  • Peetersauto says:

    Informations and price are not available yet because it’s a propotype. We hope Opel will develop this model in the futur and we well be able to welcom you in our showrooms.


    Opel & Chevrolet Brussels

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