Fearless Flyer

The single-person Patrol Ultralight Aircraft is compact and lightweight as well as super-easy to use and assemble. Designed primarily for emergency situations like fire-control or search-and-rescues, the quick assembly and transportability of the craft make it ideal for a variety of time sensitive missions. A hybrid electric/solar/petrol propeller system gives it extra efficiency and longevity in the sky.

Designer: Kate Dekhtyarenko


  • Christopher says:

    I’m not sure you know anything about planes.
    Did you mean to put a v8 engine into the drawing?

    The concave wing design will make this unstable to fly.
    Where are the struts to provide wing strength?
    Is there a reason to not use an airfoil shape to the wing?
    So how is this a new design compared to existing ultralights – other than this will not fly?

  • pvs6 says:

    Exactly Christopher. And where is the gas tank to feed the hungry, overly heavy V8?

  • Kate Dekhtyarenko says:

    so, first of all thanks for your comment.
    The wing is the tear-shaped form. The wing represents system of blocks from a framework and fitted by synthetic fiber. These blocks are joined by means of special connections, forming a monolithic wing. Assembly is made from blocks which can be done easily and transported.

    The wing consists of some basic elements: management wheel, motor and suspension bracket fastenings. At the edges of a wing control units there are elevons (aircraft control surfaces) to maneuvers the aircraft. The pilot lies down on the ergonomic support frame made from carbon fiber for optimum flight condition and avoiding strong overloads.
    Fastened to the monolithic wing would be a management wheel, motor, and suspension brackets, along with elevon control units at the wing’s edges for aircraft maneuvering. Pilot seating is an ergonomic, carbon fiber design.
    This project was developed совместо with engineers, but certainly it at present is a concept.

  • Kate Dekhtyarenko says:

    about V8, in this pic i don’t want to use v8 in real situation, but here i put this engine just to show the place for him.

  • Mariano says:

    the pilot seating is anything but ergonomic

  • pvs6 says:

    Christopher and I are both ultralight pilots. Wing wraping as he said will be unstable in this configuration. Solar requires batteries which the lift can’t support the weight of. Carbon fiber is stronger than steel and in some air craft doesn’t need wing bracing. But this is any ultralite and you can’t get a powerplant with enough thrush per weight ratio to lift carbon fiber. The wing must be fabric. Looks go on paper but it will never fly with current tech. Sorry.

  • trimtab21 says:

    Try laying down with your spine bent backward like the rendering shows – you’ll need a chiropractor real soon!

  • mamamia says:

    Where is the fuel injection system? Or the engine is absorbing energy from the environment like Saiyan Goku?

  • Gary in Pennsylvania says:

    It’d be nice to see some fresh, new designs to the UL community. I like the flying wing concept (i.e. – Swift, A-10 Mitchell Wing, Archaeopteryx, powered supine Millenium wing, etc…) – But this design above needs some major tweaking!

  • KuchiBanga says:

    I love the aesthetic appeal of the design. As a concept there is definitely going to be a lot of criticism to fine tune the final design.

    One thing i noticed is the engine mount on the trailing edge of the wing.

    It there a mechanism to to make it ease the stress of pilot making pitch and rolls?

    Above all, I love your stride at reinventing the archetype and if i had your email I would have loved to discuss other designs with you or you can just shoot me an email kuchibanga at gmail

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