It’s Time to Get Lost

Suunto has been the world leaders of sports precision watches for quite some time now so it comes as no surprise that when they release something – it’s going to be awesome. The Traverse Alpha is no exception. The Suunto Traverse Alpha comprises of a serious set of outdoor features and tools specifically developed for everything outdoor – fishing, hunting, hiking and all things rough and rugged, not to mention the incredible battery life of up to 100 hours. But that’s not all, you can track your daily activity with steps and calories, and use the GPS timekeeping to keep a track of your trails. The Traverse Alpha also comes with smartphone integration, allowing you to stay up to date with incoming calls, texts and push notifications on your wrist.

The Traverse Alpha comes with barometric trend predictions for when the weather begins to change or when storm alarm alerts are sent out and it’s time to find some shelter. For when you find yourself in a cave or exploring the mysteries of the night, the Traverse Alpha’s backlight kicks in automatically to give you the best view to help you check the map. The Suunto Traverse Alpha is as rugged as they come – designed and tested in Finland, the Traverse Alpha is water resistant up to 100m and protected with a stainless steel bezel which comes in a knurled finished too, protecting the recessed screen.

Designer: Suunto