Your City Never Looked this Pretty!


On the one hand you’ve got Google Maps, a symbol of accurate satellite imagery and functionality, and then you’ve got doodle maps, that make you marvel your city in an absolutely different light. That’s what Mini Cloud Studios wants to do. Turn city planning into works of art with their series of Modern Map Art Prints.

The studio takes comprehensive, intricate maps of cities/districts/neighborhoods completely detailed with buildings, roadways, rivers/rivulets, and other civic details like bridges, etc., and superimposes colors from a range of color palettes. The color palettes come in an exquisite set of swatches spanning across three categories, namely Retro-Vintage with its subdued yet timeless color swatches, Modern Bright with its vibrant color selections almost reminiscent of pop-art, and Classic which experiments with monochromes and shades of gray.

People can choose exactly what map they want by entering their city and zooming in or out to select the exact rectangular footprint of their city they want immortalized in print. You can also choose up to five different color schemes to preview your print in. Then based on the City+Color pairing, you get to choose one final variant that you can have printed and framed.

The Modern Map Art Prints gives a completely different dimension to cartography. While most people often look at vintage (usually hand-drawn) maps as collectible works of art, the Modern Maps turn framed map-prints into something much more contemporary and highly personal because it’s your city/neighborhood. Plus, with that absolutely delicious color scheme, you’ll fall in love with your city all over again!

Designer: David Hoe

BUY NOW: $24.00


Colour Themes
Choose between vintage, modern and classic colour themes. Themes will be finalized and sent along with map previews to backers once funding is over, ensuring that there’s a range to suit your taste/room decor.


Stockholm and London


Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur


San Francisco and New York


Tokyo x Ice Lolly




Paris x Lavender Forest



BUY NOW: $24.00