Low-res Never Looked So Good!

Hi-def in sound and low-res in construction, Resonance speakers are an exploration into the FDM 3d printing process. The process has historically been limited to rough prototyping. In fact, most designers find the blocky, layered appearance of fused deposition modeling unappealing for a final product. Resonance, however, takes advantage of the “low-res” look of FDM printing by using it in an unexpected way.

The Speaker forms are printed in wood PLA on an UP box printer and then a resin-plaster mix is poured inside. The result: a perfectly imperfect speaker set with the visual and tactile qualities associated with desktop 3d printing. Chips in the plaster, stained areas that indicate higher concentrations of resin, as well as unique seams that creep up each of the speakers are just some of the character-giving fingerprints left over from the 3d printing process.

Designer: Callum Allen