The Life-Saving Window


After the disaster at Grenfell Tower in London, the X-Space should be developed as a mandatory addition to every home. It forms a robust and safe bubble outside the building during a fire. Occupying the space of a window when closed, the X-Space works like an ordinary window when needed, but in the case of an emergency, can be opened out like a bellow into a safe, fire-retardant personal space. The minute you open the emergency hatch, it notifies the fire-fighting department. The window is even lined with emergency lights that can alert people nearby.

The construction of the X-Space is lightweight, but can take the weight of 2 adults, or an adult and 2 kids. Houses with larger families can easily install 2 or more X-Spaces in their apartments. The space provides a smoke and fire free temporary haven for victims, while even allowing them to be evacuated easily via an escape window that firefighters can open from the outside.

The X-Space Window is a winner of the A’ Design Award in the Social Design Category.

Designers: Du Heli, Xue Wenkai, Sun Jian, Jiang Meihan & Zhou Xiaozhu.