Keeping the water out and the sound in

Water in the ear is a literal and figurative headache. However, wearing earplugs in the pool has its pros and cons. You keep the water out, but it also means you hear pretty much nothing because earplugs keep EVERYTHING out.

While I imagine it must be calming to hear absolutely nothing while you swim, most professionals say that being able to hear the whistle, or your opponents while swimming may just help mold your strategy and win you the game. The Swimears were designed to allow sound to pass through, keeping everything else out. The Swimears help keep water, chlorine, etc at bay, preventing ear blockages or infections, but at the same time, also keep you aware, letting listen to your coach’s feedback and even know if your swimming technique isn’t up to the mark (by listening for splashing sounds) eventually going on to help swimmers in races (by being able to listen to how close or far their opponents are, etc).

The Swimears are like traditional earplugs, except for a proprietary mesh that lets sound pass through, but blocks water entry. They fit snugly into your ear with a secure fit only to be reinforced by the stabilization wing that locks into the indents on your ear, making sure the earplugs don’t come undone while dashing in and out of the water. Developed by professional surfboarders, the Swimears are ideal for all water-based sports, from swimming, to scuba diving, to even kayaking or surfing… because when someone yells “Shaaark”, it would help to have your ears open, right?

Designer: Finis Inc.