The Bookmark that charges your phone

You know what blows up? Lithium Ion Batteries. You know what doesn’t? A Solar Panel. Safer, much more eco-friendly, and a whole lot more cheaper than an external battery, a solar panel may take slightly longer to charge your gadgets, but it does so with clean energy that’s free of cost.

The Solar Paper by Yolk literally fits two high-efficiency solar panels into a product the size of your phone, but just a dazzling fraction of the thickness. Thin enough to be used as a bookmark (although it comes with a rather beautiful leather pouch of its own), the Solar Paper can harness the sun’s energy to charge your devices. The two-fold design can even be made to expand by magnetically plugging in more panels. The Solar Paper comes with a hub on the top with a seven-segment LCD panel that measures electrical current. The device even comes with its own auto-shut and auto-resume feature in case the sunlight gets temporarily obstructed by a cloud or any other object.

The Solar Paper charger is clean, conscientious, and card-thin. It also doesn’t need periodic charging, like that clunky old power bank of yours.

Designer: Yolk