Textiles go Three Dimensional


Introducing, 3D Yarn! A cool new spin on an old craft called needle-punch felting. Using a custom made machine, the material fibers are felted together row by row and layer by layer on a specifically shaped foam to create entirely new types of 3D cloth. The yarn is essentially drawn on the form which can be any shape or size. This innovative technique allows for waste-less, stitch-free and seamless creations of organic fabrics, like this stylish, seemingly monocoque sneaker that gives Flyknit a run for its money!

Designer: Leon Clausen


“In order to achieve this, I built a machine that quickly stings two specific felting needles. These needles are studded with tiny barbed hooks. These hooks cause the individual fibers to become entangled with each other. To build a fabric, one has to guide the form made from rubber and Pu-foam, in my case a shoe-last, along the needles. The yarn sticks to the foam. After three layers of criss-crossing yarn-paths, the fabric is strong enough to be peeled off the foam,” Designer Leon Clausen told YD.