Obsessive Compulsive Desk!


We designers have a strange relation with messiness. We hate clutter, but at the same time our desks are the messiest things ever. No matter what you do to organize your life, it just takes hours to mess up your space again. It’s futile, honestly… but designer Jeff Sheldon says he has a solution to the problem. A desk organizer that adapts to everyone’s needs and can organize your space, whether you have more clutter or less, while keeping everything accessible, whether you’re left-handed or right-handed.

Gather cuts the clutter with sheer minimalism in a way that brings zen to your workplace. Everything has a dedicated spot and a purpose, and Gather allows you to arrange your desk according to your needs as well as your space-availability. The hub of the Gather is a wooden plate with running grooves. This acts as a grid-based dock for the different holders. Add or subtract holders based on your needs or slide them around so that your necessaries stay immediately accessible. The wooden slab comes with two additional accessories that snap to it. A coaster, for your beverages/bottles, and a headphone holder. The orientation varieties are endless and you choose where you want to place each and every individual module. The coaster and headphone holder snap to the sides of the central wooden dock using magnets, and the individual holders fit into the dock’s grooves and can slide around, giving you complete freedom to build your own storage space based on your own needs or idiosyncrasies.

Designer Jeff Sheldon set himself on a path to build an organizer that doesn’t impose its design on you. Its free-spirited nature allows you to make your own storage because everyone’s needs are different. The Gather’s visual language plays along perfectly with what it hopes to achieve. Organization and minimalism. Its form factor, in fact, encourages you to cut down the clutter and keep only your essentials around you. The Gather comes available in two different wood-types, a rich Walnut wood that plays wonderfully against light-colored tables, and a blonde Maple wood, that creates a wonderful contrast against darker settings. The base kit comes with the central wooden plate and its accessories, while the extension gives you the headphone holder and wood+cork coaster units.

The way the Gather is designed, everything you need and use stays in a dedicated space that you allocate for it. With holders and storage for almost all your essentials, clutter is impossible because things go back where they belong, while still being accessible… because in a way, the Gather enabled you to design your perfect storage.

Designer: Jeff Sheldon

BUY NOW: $109.00 $149.00




The grid system allows each of the pieces to be rotated or positioned anywhere along the base.





Gather can be configured in hundreds of ways to exactly the way you want to use it.










BUY NOW: $109.00 $149.00