Snapchat becomes Snapperchat!

Snapperchat because of the snapper fish? Get it? Never mind. With the SeaSeeker mask, Snapchat plans to go where no social network has gone before… the big blue!

The SeaSeeker by Royal Caribbean International hopes to allow the ephemeral video format to hit the high seas, giving deep sea divers a way to engage with their followers in a way that has never been done before. The mask was designed to fit Snapchat’s proprietary Snap spectacles right in, and even comes with a snap trigger that allows you to start and stop video. The SeaSeeker hopes to give divers the opportunity to document their travels in a unique format designed especially for Snapchat’s millennial community. Is it enough to help Snapchat rise to past-glory again? That remains an entirely different discussion altogether. Personally, this adds diversity to Snapchat’s video capabilities, which can only be a good thing. Not many people Snapchat from the deep blue seas. Well, maybe they should!

Designer: Royal Caribbean International