Good food is worth the ‘weight’


This is a story of how I attempted making meringues (thrice), but I always ended up messing the proportions, because the recipe used 4 egg whites, but I had to downsize it to 1 egg white (I was cooking for myself). The result? Burnt, collapsed meringues that had the consistency of soaked, sticky cookies.

Honestly, life would have been so much easier if things were standardized. No one understands 3 cups sugar because we all have differently sized cups. The same goes with spoons. Teaspoons? Tablespoons? Regular spoons, or scoop spoons? Nightmare.

The minute you change things to metric or empirical units, everyone wins, because Hostweigh’s spoon allows you to measure out your ingredients by weight. Basically a handheld weighing scale, the Hostweigh Weighing Spoon allows you to calibrate all your measurements down to a tenth of a gram, so that you can prepare food with accuracy. The spoon comes in modes, allowing you to measure in ounces too. Plus the spoon’s scoop comes with level markings, letting you measure out milliliters of liquid out too. Not just for the cooking enthusiast, the Hostweigh is a rather useful tool for people who want to measure their sugar/calorie intake by weight, as well as for medicinal preparation (as niche as it may be). No, please don’t think of Breaking Bad.

Designer: Hostweigh