To QWERTY or not to QWERTY


It takes a great deal of drive, confidence, and research to be able to pull off what the XBows Keyboard does. Changing the layout of a keyboard can sometimes actually be counter-intuitive (I’ve mentioned time and again how touchscreen keyboards are actually a step backward). However, the XBows keyboard actually seems to make sense. Since we have wrists that act as pivot points for our hands, the XBows arrange their keys in a crossbow-style radial (rather than linear) pattern using the wrists as their center. This means your hands can stay put while typing with minimal movement.

The design even puts an Enter/Return key and a Backspace/Delete key on the center, right above the Spacebar. I can only imagine that this would require some getting the hang of at first, and become an absolutely indispensable asset with time.

The XBows looks like the perfect gaming keyboard. Its large clackety keys provide an incredible tactile experience, while the crossbow layout would be perfect for endless, tireless hours of gaming. Any thoughts?

Designer: Sigo Wong