Putting the Excellence in X-Lens!


Designed as a powerful and more competent, and definitely more vibrant upgrade to the Xlens phone camera lens, the Xlens Pro push the boundaries of mobile photography even more.

The aesthetic of the X-Lens Pro definitely looks professional with its full metal body and rather advanced screw-based vice mounting system. The new range of lenses include a Macro 20x as well as a telephoto 2x, alongside the wide angle and the fish-eye lenses, pretty much giving you the capabilities of a high-end phone camera on any device. We even love the name X-Lens, because it sounds like excellence, which is what these lenses hope to help you achieve.

The lenses are designed to fit comfortably over not just the phone camera, but even laptop webcams. However, the most stand-out feature of the X-Lens Pro has to be its color treatment. While providing the regular anodized metal, gold, and black finishes, we’re simply loving the electric pink option that just looks like an amped-up version of the Rose Gold (which I think has completed its course and should be retired now). The electric pink by a large measure looks like the best colored option among the 4. Kinda cool since today’s coincidentally National Pink Day. I’d wager a guess that the vibrant pink hue would help get people to look into the camera lens more often too!

Designer: Damon Lin (Momax)