Induction With A Twist

One of the major drawbacks with an induction cooker is that you can’t use it with a wok or round-based pots. Designer Chen Ruike has conceptualized an innovative solution. One where the Induction Cooker has a two-sided rotating cooking surface! One side accommodates flat-based utensils and the other side – rounded pots.

  • The two cooking panels share one heating coil.
  • This ensures optimized product function and reduced production costs.
  • Only the chosen cooking panel is activated during operation.
  • Internal heat is expelled through the extraction channels on the sides.
  • Four non-slip pads on each cooking panel avoid friction with the surface beneath.
  • The cooking temperature is controlled by a colorful touch pad.

Induction Cooker is a 2013 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designer: Chen Ruike