Hella Pedals!

With its patented upper body pedaling system, the 4StrikeBike is unlike any you’ve seen before! It has adjustable handlebar pedals that supplement power to the foot pedals. The special freewheel system allows the bike to be cycled with both arms and legs or with legs alone. Using multiple muscle groups means greater distance capability for touring, or just giving your legs a rest. Talk about a full body workout!

Designer: TSG Essempio


  • misha says:

    old idea

  • Andrew says:

    I can’t think of a faster way to end up on the ground than lifting and pushing my handlebars mid-turn…

  • Jenner says:

    I wonder why TSG would go to the expense of actually patenting this arm assist type of locomotion? First of all, have they done any research on how much weaker arms are than legs? Secondly, the arm drive train offers a lot of resistance which makes it even less efficient, and third, the swivel ball system to maintain the direct line up of the drive train also increases the resistance, and fourth, the amount of leverage available to the arms at this posture and angle would be minimal. There would be an extremely small amount of “help” that the arms could assist with, to move this machine forward. The expense to produce this machine, and the lack of efficiency gained does not justify the production of this ‘bike’. Interesting concept though.

  • DerDirk says:

    It´s a unbelievable stupid concept.
    You can´t drive a curve.
    The frontweel is fixt to the fame?

  • morgan says:

    i want to watch somebody humping their bike trying to get this to work.

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