Wearable Tech for Fallers


We laugh at the phrase “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” but it’s a serious reality for the elderly and their loved ones. Currently, to identify the causes of falls and blackouts, individuals must wait in long lines at the clinic to undergo an “active stand test” which consists of large, expensive technology. The Cord concept streamlines the existing tech, making it accessible to those afflicted.

The wearable design is mounted to an arm cuff through magnetic connectors. Inside are two pumps that send air to the arm cuff and an extra finger cuff where data is collected. Directly on the device, an intuitive user interface presents nurses and caregivers an easier, streamlined understanding of the process for quicker, smarter, and more accurate diagnosis.

Not only does it identify symptomatic patients earlier so that preventative treatment can be initiated faster, it also aids in reduce the long-term effects of falls and blackouts. Of course, this also means shorter lines at the clinic and more efficient patient visits.

Designer: Karl Martin