Audio Couture

The first in a series of audio products that take aim at design-conscious female consumers, Stellé’s new Pillar speaker combines tech and fashion-sense in a seamless portable music capsule. Embodying the idea of functional decor, the bold yet simple silhouette makes an elegant accessory from room to room while providing crystal-clear audio that streams directly from any Bluetooth devices within 50 feet. In anodized brushed aluminum, matte black,  high gloss white, or wood veneer, there’s a style for every aesthetic taste.

Designer: Ashcraft Design for Stellé


  • JerSirius says:

    rhis design makes no sense at all, sound comes out from top, so sound go to ceiling and not ears

  • It actually sounds great. The speakers up top are angled and you have one large driver facing down coming out the bottom holes. This set up gives 360 degree sound so you can place it in the middle of the room walk around the system and still get the same sound no matter where you stand. Where as with a normal speaker you have to stand directly in front to get the full effect.

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