Stunning Tesla Hypercar concept puts the EV company squarely in the luxury automotive category

The Tesla Muskrat Hypercar Concept makes the Roadster look like a dune buggy.

From the mind of automotive virtuoso Khyzyl Saleem, the Tesla Muskrat (a name unanimously chosen by Saleem’s IG followers) puts a little meat on the Roadster, making it stand its own against other hypercars like the ones from Czinger, Rimac, Polestar & Evija. The Muskrat builds on the Roadster’s base but with a few key modifications that really bring out the car’s wild side. After all, for a car that’s literally touted to be equipped with rocket thrusters, it should absolutely look the part, no?

The Tesla Muskrat concept takes on a whole new organic approach, combining cues from the Roadster, other hypercars, as well as Saleem’s own creative efforts. The bodywork isn’t shy to showcase its curves, with a white-on-black interplay that brings out the car’s contrast thanks to the massive vents on the hood, and the almost McLaren-inspired headlight cutouts that descend into the air intakes at the base, on either side of the Tesla logo on the front. The front also showcases the Muskrat’s unapologetically eye-catching front bumper with its massive underbite. The bumper extends downwards as well as to the front, creating an unmistakably large lower lip that definitely adds to the hypercar’s silhouette.

The rear of the car seems incredibly interesting too. The taillight’s overall design remains untouched, but the bodywork around it gets Saleem’s signature overhaul. The rear’s a lot wider, and instead of rounding off like it does on the Tesla Roadster, the Muskrat concept has an upward-facing tail, clearly visible on the side profile below. It does a wonderful job of visually balancing out the frontal lip, and parting lines near the C pillar hint at the presence of an automatic spoiler.

Designer: Khyzyl Saleem