The ink-less pen that writes forever!

This pen is literally timeless. In the sense that it will run forever, that too without a single drop of ink. Coming from the one company that knows timeless design best, Italy’s Pininfarina, the Pininfarina Cambiano pen is a beautiful, sleek writing tool that uses innovative design and material choice to give you a pen (or rather a pencil, given the way it writes) that uses a nib made out of a patented metallic alloy called Ethergraf that can create never-ending lines of graphite on paper. These lines look like hard-pencil strokes and van even be erased like one.

Designed after the Cambiano concept car from 2012, the pen features similar design styling and wood-inlay work. The perfect tool for any designer looking to sketch anywhere anytime, or even any writing-instrument enthusiast, the Cambiano pen is a pleasure to own and an absolute delight to write with, especially since it works almost like magic! Never worry about sharpening a pencil, or refilling a pen again. The Cambiano pen is a perfect instrument for capturing your thoughts, because just like your mind, it runs for a lifetime!

Designer: Pininfarina