Ripples in Time


Inspired by the movement created by droplets falling into water, the Wave watch offers wearers an elegant alternative to telling the time. A hybrid of digital and analog, this minimalist timepiece features both a small OLED display and visible mechanical components.

The mechanical parts consist of two counter surfaces, with the smaller one showing hours and the bigger one displaying minutes through a small window on the face. At the heart of the face of the watch lays the OLED display, which shows temperature, date, weekdays, and a circular chronometer around the circumference.

Designer: Reza Salianeh


“The problem with ordinary mechanical wrist watches is that the face of the watch cannot be seen from different angles. The main approach for the Wave watch design is to switch the hands rotation to surface rotation. With the help of a window we can define time, save some dial space to provide a 15mm OLED display. With the use of different diameters for hour and minute counter surfaces and their height, we achieved the possibility of showing time from both front view and side view,” designer Reza Salianeh told YD.