Ditch the selfie stick. It’s Gimbal time.

Pair a powerful camera with a powerful stabilizer and your opportunities are endless. The X-Cam Sight 2S is an insanely reasonable $49 stabilizer that packs a good punch in the specs as well as feature areas. Tiny enough to fit into your pocket, the Sight 2S clamps onto any smartphone you have, working in both landscape as well as portrait. Built with a smart 2-axis gimbal, the Sight 2S has four operational modes and a free iOS and Android app that allow you to access the gimbal’s much more advanced features. Aside from your regular vibration reduction (which the Sight 2S does remarkably well), the Sight 2S comes with Object Tracking capabilities, Timelapse Shooting abilities (in both day and night), 360° Panorama Capturing skills as well as the ability to be operated not just as a hand-held gimbal, but also remotely via another smartphone. The app that comes bundled with the stabilizer allows you to edit and modify your video content, rendering out hi-res files that you can share on your social media, or even use for work!

Designer: X-CAM