A Smarter Protein Shaker

Prepping your post-fitness protein can be a workout in itself! All that messy scooping, measuring, mixing and cleanup gets old quick. CORE introduces an entirely new and easier way to take your protein supplements.

First and foremost, the design utilizes pre-measured pods, eliminating the need for scooping out of a bin (which usually ends in your hand or clothes covered in protein dust). The stackable pods are perfectly sized for placement within the shrinking container. Simply choose your favorite flavors, drop them in, and twist the top to collapse the container to half its size. When you’re ready, untwist and the loaded spring will conveniently push the pods to the top. Dump one in, toss the packaging, add water and shake! The spring doubles as a lump remover so you get a consistent and smooth blend each time!

Designers: Ankit Tatiya, Harsh Thacker & Vanshika Abuja