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Managing power-cords is more of a hassle for folks with kids and those who like the wire-free look. Just how to manage those damn wires? With the elegant Power Bridge, of course! It eliminates the need to hide wires in order to make the room look neat or safe. This sturdy strip has the plug-slots beneath the bridge for better plug management. An indicative light on each plug outlet also displays the amount of power being used by that particular device, making you aware of the energy consumption. A refreshing approach for the wires-issue.

Designer: Hyukjae Chang


Power Bridge – Power Cords Management Strip by Hyukjae Chang





  • igendesign says:

    I like it. though it’s not a revolutionary solution, but good.

    There are many solutions of this problem but unfortunatelly nobody can buy these objects…

    i think design is not only thinking and rendering but it should include the realization and implementation. So we shoult pass these solutions to the customers.

    • Wow… Nice Failure in trying to sound as if you know anything about what it takes to take a product all the way to implementation… If he did that what would stop everyone from just stealing his work??

      • I do know a lot about taking a idea all the way to market. One thing to remember by placing it here, you have pretty much killed most of your IP value anyway. That is ok most of the time as pure design has very little IP value in of its self, that being counter balanced by the exposure the designer gets for his/her abilities. The exposure combined with feedback makes showing your work off here a net positive for most.

        • Ya, I do agree with you.. And I apologize for the aggressive comment. It just felt like after reading that last sentence:

          “i think design is not only thinking and rendering but it should include the realization and implementation. So we shoult pass these solutions to the customers.”

          That IS vary ignorant and I completely disagree with it. The rendering/thinking/concept phase of any project or design, is in fact far more valuable than the “implementation” of how to build it…

          Mind you, this is coming from a guy who makes his living making 3D conceptual models and Design Drawings…

  • yetao5389 says:

    I really like this design. It’s a good example to combine style with function.

  • astm1834 says:

    Beautiful..! Creative..!!

  • Weaver1 says:

    When can I get them for my classroom?

  • Penghao Shan says:

    I love your design dude.

  • Ankur Jalota says:

    I really like the idea of indicator lights to display power consumption.

  • anon says:

    What about the big box plugs. Do they fit? I’d like to see a photo with some of those in it.

  • Dean Lawson says:

    Where can I BUY one?

  • wow says:

    Nice concept would love to buy one

  • Navarr says:

    Is this truly just a proof of concept design? I’d really like to buy a good amount of these. It’d definitely help me clean up my cables, and I love that it’d tell me how much power I’m using.


  • evanparker says:

    yeah get one wall wart transformer near this thing and it’s useless.

  • Samson says:

    How can I get that In Hong Kong

  • mikelyden says:

    Pretty handsome, and I imagine it also would handle a spilled coffee better than any other power strip.

  • G-Man says:

    I love the design and would love to see this as a commerical product.

    An adaptation I may suggest (if not already incorporated) is the make the strips stack-able (ensure there is the capability to stack one strip on top another, with the bott of one fitting into “receiver holes” on top of another).

    This suggestion would allow your design to be “expandable” when the situation calld for it (such as on an office desk with computer and multiple peripherals).

    One may think 5 plugs to be enough, but I seem to always run out of plugs on strips for my desk with the computer & perhipherals — i.e., computer CPU, computer monitor, computer speakers, cable modem, wireless bridge, printer, scanner, external hard drive, desk lamp, phone, etc.). Putting this many plugs into one strip makes it too long. Conversely, have the strips with your design that are stackable, would seem to be ideal.

    Keep up the creative juices!!

  • pipiopi says:

    I don’t understand why so many of the great ideas I’ve seen on this site haven’t gone past this “pretty picture” phase. That may be a putting down all the work put into the design, but what is the purpose of designing if not to take those designs and turn them into true products?

    Granted, I’m not experienced in these matters, but it just seems like a lot of wasted effort for people to make so many good designs just for a pat on the back and a “hey, look what this guy thought of!”

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