The First Step to Making Cities Smarter

The only thing worse than a red light is not knowing when it’s going to change. In fact, some are so long they’ll leave you wondering if it’s going to change at all! The FIK Light aims to alleviate this everyday stress by introducing an simplistic timer into the light itself. Its minimalistic design language is so easy anyone can read it.

The “ring and strips” visual system also allows the countdown of the timer to be customized. The display works as follows: the green “strips ring” (20 to 60 seconds) gradually disappears from the bottom all the way up to the amber “strips ring” (3 seconds) and eventually to the red “strips ring” (20 to 60 seconds) display. Depending on the traffic intersection, FIK’s individual lighting can be flexibly programmed. The result is a custom countdown that creates calm on the roadway! After all, a relaxed driver is a good driver!

Designer: Edmund Liew