Hand hygiene for everyone


Sometimes even the simplest products can prove to be rather complex for people with disabilities. For example, take the person in a wheelchair. Stairs, high cabinets, the placement of door handles or latches, basin/sinks, etc., all of these can prove to be rather user-unfriendly.

Designer Hyunsu Park tackles the problem of hand-dryers that when placed at normal height, become a usability nightmare for people in wheelchairs. If bathrooms can have disability access, why should the hand-dryer be an exception? The Universal Hand Dryer accounts for both standing as well as seated patrons, by pushing a concentrated stream of air upward as well as downward. This allows both the abled as well as disabled people to effectively dry their hands by placing them near the most conveniently located air-source!

The Universal Hand Dryer has been the recipient of many international awards, including the iF Design Award, the IDEA Award, and the Golden Pin Design Award!

Designer: Hyunsu Park