Sad for mosquitos, great for us!

Know why mosquitos like us humans so much?! It’s because we give off carbon dioxide – who knew? The Mostrap taps into their CO2 craving so they go after IT instead of YOU! A mixture of yeast and CO2 bring them in, and once inside they’re zapped by an electric grid. The trap’s elegant form bio-mimics the shape of mother nature’s predatory pitcher plant, making it a doubly effective and attractive killing machine! Do you think PETA will approve?!

Designer: Vishakan Shivasubramaniam


  • David says:

    Good evening to you
    Mostrap – when this gets to the pre production stage or into production send me an email as I travel a lot into Africa and providing it can work of 220V power three prong plug in southern Africa you will have a very happy man as these insects are the biggest killers in Africa where i sometimes travel !
    Best regards
    Mr David Hutchinson

  • Would you want to increase CO2 levels indoors that much, though? This would have to make more CO2 than an extra person…?

    Also, it isn’t just CO2 that attracts mosquitos? I believe they are attracted by other things as well. Light and the smell of Limburger cheese (sweaty feet) for example…

    Has this been tested?

    Take a look at the British tv show about parasites and insects, they had an episode where they looked at researchers in Africa who were working on anti-mosquito stuff. They test loads of stuff (on themselves, some have had over 5000 mosquito bites). They have an invention that looks very much simpler than this (perhaps not as ‘designery..).

  • Will says:

    That’s so great! How can i buy it?

  • Sunil says:

    Great Device! But, mosquitos are attracted not only by co2 but with light also.Is Mostrap available? Would definately like to buy it.

  • Dorian says:

    Do you know the name of the tv show?

  • I’ve seen it on Dutch TV, they bought it from a foreign TV network and retitled it. It could be any of them: “Bugs bites and parasites: tropical diseases uncovered”, “Monsters inside me” and there are probably more.

  • Dorian says:

    OK. Thanks Quintin
    Monsters inside me… Hahaha

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