Recycle That 1st Gen Apple TV

Got a first generation Apple TV laying around and wondering what to do with it? Daniel Kurt came up with the idea of recycling it into the 1 Nixie Clock. Every structural element is reused along with new components like an integrated nixie controller board and tube holders.. The heavy duty tissue cable doubles as a power cord and wall mount string.

All electronic components in the fully functioning clock are assembled by hand.
Kurth will provide the CNC shapes (for the tube holders and cover plate) for free on request.

Technical specifications:

• Recycled Apple TV 1 body
• 12 / 24 hr mode
• 108 cable connections
• Up to 200.000 hours tube lifespan
• 9 V AC/500mA
• Eco-saver automatic dimming function/automatic OFF
• Auto Detection of 1Hz, 50Hz or 60Hz clock pulse input mode
• DCF77 Module can be added externally
• 6 x Z560M Nixie Tube (unused) running at 170 VDC
• Dimming via push button
• Handmade assembly of all electronic components
• CNC routed tube holders (DIBOND) and cover plate (PVC)
• Made in Luxembourg
• Wallmount possible

Designer: Daniel Kurth