The Skateboard that Goes ‘Vroom’

When Tony Hawk meets Tony Stark, you get the 121C Arc Aileron. Not your average skateboard, the 121C Arc Aileron puts a motor underneath the board, giving you the familiar feeling of riding a skateboard, with the added push of a brushless DC motor that propels you at up to 35km/h.

Built for the skateboard enthusiasts, and to attract the segway/hoverboard loving crowd, the Aileron isn’t just a thrill-machine… it also serves a higher purpose by being the perfect vehicle for commuting rapidly in the city’s crowded hustle-bustle lifestyle. The Aileron comes from Arc Boards, a company known for their high-performance skateboards in Singapore as well as internationally, and partners with 121C for their carbon-fiber construction. Carbon fiber is by far the most ideal material for the skateboard, making the Aileron weigh just a mere 4 kilos, while also being able to take the load of up to 120 kilograms. Uniquely though, the carbon fiber used in the Aileron is completely upcycled from the aerospace industry, reducing landfill waste, while also ensuring that the material is of the highest aerospace-grade quality.

The Aileron comes with a wireless remote, featuring a beautifully intuitive jogdial control that allows you to speed up or slow down the Aileron. Packed with a motor capable of giving you 35km/h of speed, the Aileron also has a braking system that can be operated by the remote too. Essentially an automobile in skateboard clothing, the Aileron ticks all boxes for being compact, convenient, reliable, lightweight, rapid, and cool, because no one ever looked good on a hoverboard or segway!

Designer: Hung Yi Ho

BUY IT HERE: $929 $1099