Shove the Shovel

A show of hands please, all those of you dreading shoveling the sidewalk this winter! It’s quite a task and the toll it takes on your wrists … the less said the better. Xovel is an ergonomically modified shovel that promises to be easy on your body. It comes with a double-grip handle at the neck so that the forces are distributed in a more balanced and effective way. An integrated torchlight in the arm is quite a thoughtful addition. Snow on sidewalks, here I come!

Designer: Jaeseok Han of Ahhaproject


  • Jimmy C says:

    It is a nice improvement on the current shovel. However, the thing about this design is that it is not very ergonomic. If you have the lower handle in your right hand, you can only throw the snow over your right sholder, and not very high. If the lower handle could rotate a little, it would work much easier.

  • Christian says:

    Please actually go hold a shovel like that. What you will find is that unless you are used to it you will get maybe ten shovelfuls before you’re back gives out. Put the lower handle at least 8″ higher.

  • rodrigo says:

    I think the place to hold the lower handle is on the wrong side of that triangle. it should be on the side adjacent to the shovel. good idea though!

  • Alan says:


    The added angled handle will rather worsen the performance and the usability of shovel.
    [hints:”rigid-body dynamics”,”moment of a couple” and “storage space”]

    And the structure of the ‘Changeable Head’ and the ‘Adjustable Length’, and ‘Bio(degradable?) Plastics’ will worsen the durability of it.
    [hints:”impulse(magnitude of the force multiplied by the length of time) and its direction”,”the usage environment of shovel”]

    And the ‘Carbon Fiber Composite’ makes it more expensive and emits more CO2 with current technologies.(Incidentally, wood is carbon-neutral).

    For the ‘Vector Sum’ section,
    It’s clear that this designer knows nothing about basic “mechanics” (such as rigid-body dynamics, moment of a couple) and “ergonomics”.
    Or he has never observed how people using a shovel.
    …At least, he should use a shovel, and observe (or feel) the direction of force with his arms.

    sorry for my bad English.

  • Elphi says:

    I agree. It’s a good concept but it needs more testing and refining until it really is an improvement to the standard shovel.

  • malcolm says:

    actually thats a great design, grab your shovel at home and do a shovel motion, but

    1.bend strait down in proper squat position and don’t lean in like a regular shovel

    2. use hand furthest away from shovel head to push into dirt, snow, gravel, etc( if you need more force use both hands to push into payload then proceed to step 3)

    3.lift the hand closest to the shovel head up first and use your hand furthest away from the shovel head to balance payload

    4.stand strait up and balance the payload at waist level

    5. proceed to throw your payload over your shoulder, toss to the side or carry to your destination

    my name is malcolm laureano and i want to get 20% OF ALL SALES for these instructions

  • malcolm says:

    that design is better because you actually have a handle which can help you balance the weight of the payload much better

  • malcolm says:

    and its a mutil purpose shovel that can switch from a regular to a garden shovel with just a few adjustments so it saves money. however, I’m not to sure on the materials

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