A Watch From the Skies!

I’ll just say that smartwatches will never be as classy as mechanical timepieces. Circuit boards aren’t charming, but there’s a certain hypnotic allure of a Swiss movement that just can’t be beaten! Additionally, smartwatches are ultimately treated as commodities, and bragging rights are given to those who sell millions. With mechanical watches however, the more limited your timepiece is, the more precious!

The Ferro AGL watch in that sense is the first truly limited crowdfunded watch. With not more than a 500 pieces (per watch style), it truly embodies something that most luxury crowdfunded watches don’t. Taking inspiration from classic airplanes of the 40s, the watch’s aesthetic is a melange between classic and modern. It comes with a tachymeter, therefore making it truly an aviation watch.

The AGL watches are available in Quartz and Automatic movement variants. While the quartz packs in the tachymeter and even a date display, the automatic has inside it the widely popular Swiss ETA 2824-2, and showcases a more contemporary style. However, the third and truly stunning variant boasts of a Swiss Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph movement and an incredible see-through back case. All watches have a double domed sapphire crystal sitting atop the dial. This crystal truly steals the show, with its absolutely perfect curvature, not just magnifying the dial face, but also providing some jaw-dropping reflections.

The Ferro Watches are ideal for the aircraft buff. Aptly named AGL, or Above Ground Level, the watches truly tip a hat to WWII aircraft designs. The watch body is manufactured in Switzerland, the holy grail for timepieces, and is made entirely out of 316L stainless steel and has a brushed finish that plays wonderfully against the light. The straps are made of the most premium Italian leather with contrast stitching, and a contrasting back. Like most crowdfunded watches, the Ferro AGL takes on the luxury watch industry by providing a watch that is built out of passion and embodies luxury without the luxury price tag. What’s different, aside from its style, is that the watch isn’t treated as a commodity. They’re truly limited edition, making them precious timepieces that only a select handful of people can own and deserve!

Designers: Ary & Bob Shahbakhshi

BUY IT HERE: $289.00 $600.00