Fresh 02 On the Spot


Designed to match your Beats Pill or Amazon Echo, the Desktop Air Purifier takes up a small footprint on your workspace while providing you with loads of fresh, clean O2! Simple in shape yet highly effective, its trumpet figure is ideal for both funneling air inside and ensuring the output spreads over a wide area. With its turbine and HEPA filter tightly enclosed, it’s ultra-quiet so as not to disturb. Minimalistic in both form and operation, it’s intuitive controls and straightforward aesthetic make it easy-to-use and instantly identifiable to the user.

The hourglass shape and subtle color tend to evoke a sense of calm and patience while it silently purifies the air you breathe. What a nice aesthetic!

Designer: Mike Rose


“A quick Google of desktop air purifiers reveals they seem to have been left behind in the current trend of simple, beautiful almost primitive forms,” Designer Mike Rose explains.


“The internals of this product was also fully detailed including a HEPA filter, turbine, motor, all the necessary seals and the power requirements such as a USB port and on/off button,” said Ross.