One Sharp Semi


This is the first time I’ve ever thought a commercial truck actually looked FAST! While it’s not necessarily for speed, the Volvo FH Globetrotter’s extreme aerodynamics do help it cut through wind resistance. The smooth trailer features side skirts and hub covers to make it more streamlined, but it’s the cockpit that makes the Globetrotter stand out.

The “floating” cab, where the driver works and lives, acts as a focal point stylistically but it’s also practical. It’s designed to move – at low speeds, it moves forward for visibility and at high speeds, it retracts into the body to increase its aerodynamic profile. Outside, stairs merged seamlessly into the sleek body work provide easy access. Inside, simplicity minimizes driver distractions. Having split areas for driving and living also improves working conditions and well being.

Designer: Rhys Llewellyn


Radical rethinking the design of trucks. Adding design finesse to the industry can create new ideas and solutions. Greater flexibility and adaptability in the HGV market means that downtime is reduced and the vehicle can be more efficient.


Simplicity was the key to the design of the Volvo FH 2050. Exterior purity and the elegance brings a new design meaning to traditional market. The floating cab acts as a focal point stylistically but it’s also practical.

For the interior, simplicity minimizes the driver’s distraction. Having a split area for driving and living improves worker conditions and wellbeing.


The entrance was made easy by making stairs merge into to the bodywork.