Curious-Looking Citroen

Taking inspiration from a variety of natural elements like sand dunes and wood, the Citroen Origin concept combines soft but intense curves and natural wood exterior surfaces with modern features like sweeping LED lighting accents and hideaway doors. The full-size luxury vehicle is simultaneously futuristic and reminiscent of vintage car designs like the Phantom Corsair with which it shares styling cues like flush fenders, absent door handles, and a low profile. Looks a bit like a yacht on wheels to me!

Designer: Changwoo Shim


  • Mr.B says:

    how did that cruiseship end up in the desert?

  • ben says:

    Finally a car concept, which is “different”! =)

  • Mike says:

    wow, unreal concept. Looks kind of like a yacht as well haha. You sure it doesnt float?

  • MDesigns says:

    Beautiful body surfaces and renderings. Obviously it is a concept only, so no need to point out the ergonomic flaws; but tons of creative juices going on here. Congrats Changwoo, nice work.

  • Lacy says:

    Cool, but I am bothered by the minute attention to windows. Then again, it is a concept car. Maybe this one is suppose to follow a futuristic self propelled rail.

  • Twinn says:

    Wow! – Fantastic design – but where is the periscope?

  • yebo77 says:

    And when I want to make a lane change I either have to: 1. Open my door if I am making a change to the left, or 2. Stick my head up through the sun/moon roof if I am going to change to the right…..nifty!!!!!

  • Andy says:

    I guess there’s no reason why you couldn’t see through those doors, just like advertising film on a bus. With concepts, you have to lose all the conventional parameters. Sure is big, though.

  • Shik-kai says:

    Lovit, weirdest concept I’ve seen in a while . Would be cool if it floated

  • mike says:

    2d skills are developed. sorry, but the rest is just plain silly from a design point of view. underdeveloped aesthetics… designing a car is a tad more tifficult then this… it looks very chaotic, but nice for a very early start to work on! keep it up!

  • Teto says:

    the best concept i ever seen in the last 10 years!!!good job!!!

  • Yacopo says:

    I really dont understand people who talks about “functionality” on CONCEPT designs..

    Anyway I love your design, it looks very high-class and polished. You really developed an inventive design.. I love it. Keep up the good work, I will look forward to it.

  • Mok says:

    Wonderful concept with numerous creative details…and also beautiful? Inspirational. Wow.

  • Victor says:

    What a nice car!!!

  • PapaKilo says:

    I am glad to know this is only a concept or perhaps we should call it a design study. Perhaps if there were a narative to accompany the images it might explain some of the apparent design flaws. Most obviously, how about some side windows for visibility and safety?

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