The new LEGO Technic Batmobile is just as dark and sinister as the one in ‘The Batman’ movie

While LEGO’s own Batman is a fun, playful, and comical little character, this particular Batmobile adapted from the new Batman film (starring Robert Pattinson) isn’t particularly toyish. It might be pint-sized, but it’s still a brutish, no-nonsense, crime-annihilating machine.

The 1360-piece Lego Technic set is modeled on the Batmobile seen in the movie, and comes with 2 unique ‘Light Bricks’ that illuminate the innards of the car, shining through the engine block and out of the grille to give the vehicle an eerie appeal.

Designer: LEGO

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LEGO aficionados will appreciate exactly how detailed the model is. While the build is still relatively easy (making it perfect even for less-experienced builders, it comes with all the trims, including an 8 cylinder engine, an abundance of afterburners (there’s a pretty impressive rotating afterburner on the back, along with smaller static ones on the roof and the hood) complete with blue flame bricks, and those light bricks, which are activated by a lever. The crime-fighting car’s dashboard is just as maxed out as the car, with one of the most detailed panels you’ll ever see. It isn’t often that LEGO gives you a peek into the interiors of its cars – this is one of those times when LEGO proudly wants to showcase exactly how immaculate its build is.

The images below come from a review on Rebrickable which details the entire process step-by-step. The entire car can be completed in 6 broad stages, starting from the fairly detailed engine block and then building outwards finally to the car’s fairing and the extraneous elements like the wheels. The car, once complete, has a pretty aggressive front-leaning stance. While most LEGO builders often get caught up in the joy of building out their kits, the Batmobile is actually a lot of fun to play with even after you’ve assembled it. The hoods and doors open to reveal the car’s inner workings, and perhaps my favorite features remain the fact that the rear afterburner rotates and the V8 engine’s pistons actually move up and down while the car is in motion! That is, aside from the Batmobile’s piece-de-resistance – the two light bricks that illuminate to cast a menacing red glow that’s truly emblematic of Master Wayne’s aggressive vigilante alter-ego!

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