Everyone should be able to access a fridge!


Technology changes things every year. Sometimes, design doesn’t change anything for years at an end… and I wonder why.

For instance, look at the refrigerator. For years, the refrigerator doors operate on a hinge, making it difficult for people on wheelchairs to open. Even the disabled argument aside, seeing how cramped our apartments and kitchens are becoming with time, It only makes sense to move to something apart from a hinged door. The Sliding Fridge is one such idea that makes a much needed change to the way we interact with fridge doors. The entire fridge experience is built around these sliding doors. The fridge’s design is made cylindrical to achieve this feat. The fridge even pays attention to the smallest details. Just like regular fridges have storage on the door, the sliding fridge has a sliding compartment behind the door for storing immediate accessibles like bottles, or cartons of milk/juice. Goes to show that design can reinvent even the most simple products to make them even more universal!

Designers: Han Jiyoon & Choi Youjin.