E-moto Evolution


One look and you’ll see, the Vultran Type 3 just isn’t for everybody! Then again, not everyone wants a Lambo or Porsche. Look past its over-the-top styling and unthinkable length and you’ll find a cool cocktail of past and future riding technologies.

The body features carbon composite materials and takes after the style of modern day hyper-cars with distinctive LED accents. The traditional suspension/drive chain assembly is replaced by a right mounted assembly (front and rear tires) built from extremely durable, light and strong alloy composites, which house the suspension and drive chain assembly (rear wheel).

Other features include:

-Custom fitted augmented reality racing suit and helmet
-HUD real time environmental digital helmet display
-Electric powered high performance A.C. motor
-Smooth Roll Auto Balance Technology
-Fiber Optic cabling for digital interfacing
-High Performance lithium battery technology
-5K Rear Mounted Camera system direct feeds into helmet
-Lazer – Tech Headlight/Tail Lights
-Aventor Kinetic Recharge LED Rims
-Aventor Kinetic power LED tires
-Advanced holographic dashboard display panel
-Advanced traction/torque control system
-High performance digital regenerative ABS brakes
-Digitally programmable 4-button handle bar grips
-Weather resistant and heated leather seat
-Standard charging port compatible with current charge station standards (easily updatable)

Designer: Lee Rosario