Carry your Dance Party with you!

We’ve spoken about how phones nowadays don’t match up to phones of the past in terms of audio power. It’s simple, honestly. The slimmer the phone, the smaller the speaker’s acoustic chamber, and therefore the lower the resonance (lower volume). The boom of the Bluetooth speaker market can be directly linked to this phenomenon. It’s almost like a conspiracy, I’d say.

Bluetooth speakers however aren’t usually the epitome of pocket-ability or portability because all our devices grow thinner with time, making bags and cases thinner too, and therefore storage and carrying of clunky Bluetooth speakers an annoyance. That’s conspiracy number 2! However, the BumpOut speaker’s hacked the system. Its design is surprisingly sleek and flat and even comes with adhesive pads, allowing you to temporarily glue it to your phone when you need to carry it around. Its slim design means it’ll fit into your pocket or even your carrier bag with ease. Now comes the interesting bit. The BumpOut’s design cleverly accommodates a collapsible acoustic void. Once you switch the speaker on, the entire speaker expands upwards, making it bigger and for its size, badder!

The once portable candybar-esque Bluetooth speaker now looks like it means business. Packed with one full range driver and a passive radiator on the inside, the BumpOut will churn out well rounded sound with pronounced and powerful bass notes, that too at half the size of your regular Bluetooth speaker. What’s more incredible is BumpOut’s dedication to absolute portability. The speakers come with a set of repositionable glue pads that allow you to effectively glue your BumpOut to any surface (including your smartphone). It’s now conveniently easy to carry your party in your pocket. Even though phone companies today may never embrace audio fidelity and power as a phone’s USP (God bless Sony Ericsson’s Walkman for giving us our best years), the BumpOut will give you the most mind-bendingly rich audio in the slimmest and most portable avatar ever!

Designer: BumpOut Design

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