Super Sexy Brace

Don’t even try it! The lady looks flexible and sexy, but her point is that you needn’t look all grouchy and clumsy with a broken foot. Strap on a ‘Tattooed Foot’ brace, which is styled very much like gladiator sandals. The aim is to ‘inject the realm of orthotic devices with a dose of style’ especially for those who wound their ankles or who suffer from poliomyelitis (polio).

As the designer explains, “Lacquered metal plates bring a decorative surface to the brace, as well as rigidity and strength. The patterns were inspired by tattoos and henna. Leather, belts, and zips join the metal plates together. The designer hopes the brace will give patients courage and bravery – just as a tattoo can.”

Tattooed Foot is a 2011 red dot design concept winner.

Designer: Chen Kai Jing