A Techy Traveler Must-Have


Between all the cords, flash drives, cables, power adapters, and plugs we gotta travel with to make your devices interoperable, there’s hardly any room left for basic necessities like clothes and toiletries! The Adaptr, however, aims to trim down on the number of peripherals you carry to make life a little easier.

The device enables you to create adapters through the use of a modular system of connectors and accessories. It includes a portable battery, flash storage and various connectors to make the device truly universal.

With the modular design of Adaptr, you can choose the right modules for your own personal needs to ensure that you’ll be able to charge, transfer data, a​​nd connect anywhere you go. Adaptr uses an innovative reversible connection to carry power and data across a number of unique standards. This means that you can transfer and charge from USB Type C to Micro USB, or USB A or Lightning in a single connection.

The body of the device contains a 1000 MaH battery for on-the-go charging, as well as a pivoting head that allows for convenient wall charging. The lid of the device offers 32GB of flash storage allowing a flexible external storage device that can work off of supported connection standards.

Designer: Adaptr Design Team