Skeletal Seating


The Stratum chair looks too organic to be man made, doesn’t it?? Designed by Ammar Kalo, the chair explores two things. Firstly, the designer attempts at making an un-chair-ly chair. From the unconventional form to even its 3-legged design, the Stratum is nothing like anything you’ve ever seen. Secondly it is crafted through CNC machining, a technique that allows it to achieve its organic aesthetic so effortlessly. The name Stratum comes from its layered (or stratified) design owing to its plywood construction. The use of CNC machining really allows the design to show off its wonderful plywood contour lines!

Note how the design even has the ability to fold up, making it portable. Doesn’t it almost give the Stratum a bony, skeleton-like appearance?

Designer: Ammar Kalo