A Glass Full of Class

Whiskey tumblers are a cool glass to sip from. There’s no way one could walk around with one, sipping on whiskey without giving off that smoldering James Bond look. What you didn’t know is that according to Norlan – the wide opening of the glass diffuses the aromatics of the whiskey too widely, fading and flattening out the unique aromas of the spirit away from the nose. Whereby using nosing glasses – used for sampling – often concentrate the shape of the vapor in such a way that they tightly focus it, causing the ethanol to punch into the eyes and nose. Both of these glasses are given their form directly due to their function right? Norlan’s latest whiskey glass ‘VAILD’ creates a unique experience unlike anything else you’ll find.

Made from hand-blown borosilicate glass with a matte black exterior finish – this glass is just screaming out to be touched. The VAILD is an elegant design that any whiskey connoisseur, of any level, should have. Unlike it’s previously released, fully hand-blown borosilicate glass – the matte black exterior creates a dazzling interior reflection that’s almost hypnotic. The fascinating shape of the VAILD is by no mistake, the shape of the inner walls – which angle inwards as they rise up the inside of the glass and then flare back out again preventing your nose from touching the nose. The height and diameter of the aperture puts concentration of the aromatics to the nose. All the while, diffusing the ethanol away from the nose, fantastically improving the taste of your whiskey. The Norlan Glass VAILD is a beautiful and unique product that even if you’re not a whiskey fan, you can certainly appreciate its class.

Designer: Sruli Recht of Norlan