Ditch Hogwarts for this Broom!


Never underestimate the power of a toilet brush, and a toilet plunger. Life would be incredibly messy without them… And given their menial tasks, I think they deserve to look good at the least! The Yosh toilet brush is a redesigned version of the old, clinical looking brush. The new design not only looks refreshingly different, it performs much better than its predecessor. A Polypropylene construction on the inside of the brush gives it its structure while the outer silicone build allows it to be pivotal at the base of the handle while also promoting a great grip. The brush end of the Yosh is unique in every which way. Its flat design allows it to clean more of an area while allowing it to get into hard to reach spots. Short bristles give it better scrubbing action. The flexible pivot between the brush and the handle allows it to be maneuvered easily across the toilet’s curved surfaces, meaning a cleaner toilet with lesser effort.

Along with the brush redesign, the brush’s stand saw a makeover too. The flat broad stand provides great stability so the brush doesn’t tip over. Its double floored construction allows water to drip through and collect at the lower reservoir, making your brush neat and dry in a jiffy! Plus with the brush’s funky color combos, it’s arguably the most magical broom you’ll see as a Muggle!

Designer: Anna Samoylova
Visualizer: Alexey Boguslavskiy