This modular seating system inspired by space-age aesthetics can be configured in multiple ways

When it comes to seating arrangements, one must be super picky and wise. The right seating decision holds immense value to it since your seating arrangement must be comfortable, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing too – if possible. A smart and well-designed seating piece I recently came across, that ticks all these boxes is the Pipeline modular seating system.

Designer: Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot

Designed by Alexander Lotersztain for the Australian brand Derlot, the Pipeline modular seating system features a rather distinctive and innovative cylindrical backrest. Inspired by space-age designs, the Pipeline seating system has an intriguing snaking backrest that can be modified and configured in different ways to create a variety of diverse and interesting seating arrangements.

The seating system has different modules that are equipped with grooves at the rear or across the middle of the seats. Straight or curved cushions are placed in these grooves, creating variations in the arrangement.” This flexible modularity paired with a minimalist form creates an incredibly simple, yet iconic design,” said Lotersztain. And I agree! Pipeline’s modularity, flexibility, and rather minimal aesthetic make it a pleasant addition to any living space. It can merge with the different interior styles of different homes.

Pipeline is designed to be suitable for both homes and public environments. Derlot says that Pipeline’s cylindrical cushioning offers unparalleled comfort as well as adds a unique design element. In fact, you can pair up the seating system with Derlot’s powder-coated steel side tables. They pair up to add a rather bold yet subtle aura to your living space. The side tables can be used either free-standing or tucked away between units for a floating effect. You can also incorporate power and USB sockets. Besides working great for homes, I think Pipeline could also be a suitable option for modern-day office spaces, especially ones that have a generous amount of space. The seating system could be added to these offices, functioning as a space for employees to meet, engage and interact. It serves as a relaxing and casual space for employees to take breaks or unwind in during a hectic work day.