Electric Indulgence


Combining the best of luxury and clean performance, the new Edorado 7S is unlike any other electric boat that sails the waters today. With its unique hydrofoil design, the 7S rides above the water, creating very low drag, which in turn increases maximum speed and range. The Edorado 7S allows boaters to enjoy the luxury of speed on the water without the damaging effect of fossil fuels to our environment.

Everything below the waterline has been engineered for minimum drag and maximum performance on the water, the rest of the boat focuses on usability, style and comfort. Aesthetically, the design features classic and bold lines, combined with a contemporary automotive material mix and refined detailing.

The interior boasts a range of smart features, while maintaining a spacious and organized layout. The front seats come with a flip-up bolster, allowing better view on the water. The interior features lots of hidden storage space, lighting and audio system. All the boat’s digital instruments are placed behind a continuous glass surface dashboard. The innovative engine bay (electric motor and battery packs!) is visible through a window in the rear deck. Several material and finishing options will be available.

Designer: Springtime