Evolving In Bikes

The Crescent evolve is an electric bicycle designed for young guns who would like an alternative to mopeds. Based on the research and feedback gathered, the design evolved to what it is today. It main focus in design was to integrate the battery to the shape and to create a wholeness that is simple and intuitive. The electric bicycle is easy to use and operate, with an automatic transmission engine.
 It features a smart modular system that allows you to choose design with mudguards, rear rack, or without. As per the feedback, the battery design is based on “cradle-to-cradle,” to maximize the battery life and minimize environmental impacts.

Designer: Fredrik Lundin



  • I love this idea, the design looks so smart and modern and it means I can go for a bike ride as far as I want without worrying about the grueling ride home again. Just flick the engine on, sit back and relax πŸ™‚ I love it.

  • Jonnyboy says:

    I am quite enjoying the look of this bike and think it is a great alternative to a moped. I would however be dubious of the battery though, do we have any inkling of its battery life?

  • bhushanvinay says:

    That is absolute beauty, where can i buy? πŸ™‚

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