WinZip for your luggage!

No matter how much space optimization your suitcase company does, ultimately you’ve got to wonder…Maybe you’re not packing right. You’ll be surprised how much air you end up inadvertently packing along with your items. That fluffy sweater is actually just millimeters thin, but it still occupies 30% of your suitcase. The reason is air, and that shouldn’t stop you; and it won’t anymore. The Vago is a tiny yet powerful pocket sized vacuum that allows you to suck all the residual air out of your luggage so you save up on loads of suitcase space. Vago comes with a vacuum bag into which you can store all your clothes. Just seal the bag afterwards, and suck all that air out with the Vago and your clothes now probably occupy half the space they did before! Ladies, that officially means you can carry more clothes, and therefore shop more!

What’s better, the compressed clothes are less susceptible to wrinkling, so you don’t need to press all your garments after unpacking! Just pack them neatly though!

Designer: Eddie Chang

Buy It Here: $39.00 $50.00